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Please do not mind the hasty graphic but seriously: What are you all still doing here?!

It seems that despite my lack of activity recently due to work and school, as well as dropping a number of threads, I’ve actually gained followers. This both baffles and excited me. So to commemorate the Spring/Summer and Katherine’s now active status I’d like to do a giveaway and appreciation post. 


  • Reblogs enter your name into a drawing. Multiple reblogs means multiple entries.
  • I’d appreciate a follow but seriously it doesn’t matter.
  • What matter is that you are a roleplay blog, because I like to perpetuate good feelings in the roleplay community.
  • Contest ends Friday May 16, so not much time, crew.
First Prize (1 winner)
  • Banner Graphic
  • Promo featured in sidebar of blog until the end of July
  • Starter in any setting, Au, and plot ( optional)
  • Graphic of choice
  • Character Inspired Playlist
Second Prize (2 Winners)
  • Banner Grapic
  • Starter in any setting and plot (optional)
  • Character Inspired Playlist
Third Prize (3 Winners)
  • Banner Graphic
  • Character Inspired Playlist

::People Who Make Coming Back onto Tumblr Worth It::

Seriously, there have been many times where I didn’t think Katherine was going to survive, but there are a few people who I think of and she comes crawling back. Whether it is because of our awesome AUs or some inspirational writing, or simply because I find you fabulous, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for making roleplaying not suck because lets be honest, sometimes it’s not worth the struggle. But you guys make it so worth it.

  • arielthelionhearted || Lost Melody Verse is simple perfection and I adore coming back to your excellent writing. The mama and daughter feels are perfection.
  • genocideandcharm || We may not write together often and we still have to start some official threads and shit but I adore seeing you on my dash in each of your incarnations. There are days where I greatly admire your stance on important issues on tumblr as well. 
  • pensivemercury || I just love out little crackship! It brings out the best and the worst in my Katherine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re the best. :3
  • madlittlegrace || The daughter of the crackship! Thank you so much for jump on board of this ship and turning it into the crazy adorable, heartbreaking family it is. I love you so much.
  • ikarosopallios || Katherine’s Emma. Seriously, you’ve stuck with her despite it all and I really do enjoy our threads so much. That and you know the struggle is real in regards to school and roleplay so I can always count on your patience. 
  • isleofmuses || I adore the stuff we write together, even though I can be such a spazz and have to restart things I thousand times. Ruby and Emma are too perfect for Katherine and we both love them so.
  • finding-milah || Katherine’s Milah. Seriously, she’s really protective of this one. We both love her so much, and her justcallmejolly is just as much perfection. 
  • piratecaptainhook || So maybe we haven’t written together yet and maybe we don’t talk much ooc but I’m really freaking excited for out Twin verse that you have to go on here.
  • captain-jhawkins || Man, I am always so slow replying to you but it’s because you force me to write better with all your perfection. Seriously, it’s so fantastic that I’m constantly breaking out a thesaurus to keep up. But I adore it because it makes me better and everyone needs someone to do that to them. 

There are so many other people that I appreciate and so many that I adore writing with and I’m sure I could make this list absolutely endless. However, these people honestly have dragged me back without even knowing it. I’m so thankful to each and every one of you. 

Finally, if you took the time to look this over. And if you’ve lurked on Katherine and ever thought even briefly of wanting to write together, take this as the open door. I’d love to write with you, lurker, who knows, maybe it’s the next best verse, thread, or friendship in the making. <3

Love you all.

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I’m back! And a PSA.

//Also known as, I’ve moved, we have internet, I have a job interview this afternoon, etc, etc. Mostly the internet part.

Here’s the thing, though: after eleven months with Jim and amassing two hundred followers even (seriously, why are you guys here?), I’m moving him to a selective, semi-private blog for several reasons:

  1. It’ll make him harder to find. I’ve had people (one specific person, actually, but I won’t name names) lift anything from rare characteristics and skills to all the tropes from a ship of mine to the plotlines of threads from me, and that’s just not fair. With the amount of time and effort I’ve put into Jim, for someone else to steal my work is a really shitty thing to do.
  2. With a more public indie account, I feel like I have less control over the people with whom I choose to write. A new blog, specifically semi-private and selective, gives me back that control and makes me feel a lot better about logging in here.
  3. No offense to any of you, but two hundred people following me is a lot. Especially when it’s just watching; I don’t write with the majority of you and the fault is mine, but the point still stands. I’d like to be comfortable writing for myself, rather than trying to appease two hundred people I don’t know.
  4. There are a lot of posts on this account I would like to be rid of. And I could do that with a mass cleanout, but it wouldn’t solve any of the other issues I’m having.

So! What does this mean for people with whom I’m currently writing or have spoken to about writing in the future?

This blog will be moving and I won’t be posting a forwarding URL. What I will be doing is following people from the new account and dropping you a line to let you know where I’ve gone, especially if we have a thread—or more than one—in progress.

I’ll be moving many of my character-based posts (headcanon, headspace, FC pictures, graphics, etc) to the new account, and probably a good amount of the writing I want to keep associated with me.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in writing with me, but not necessarily with Jim, drop me a line. I have one other indie account and a multicharacter 1x1 account, and we can work something out.

Thanks for your patience, and I apologize to the new followers who seem to have signed on at just the wrong moment.-


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St.Kilda by Marcus McAdam   (via St.Kilda by Marcus McAdam | S C O T L A N D)


St.Kilda by Marcus McAdam   (via St.Kilda by Marcus McAdam | S C O T L A N D)

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Captain Jacks Wharf - 2004 - Provincetown - John Arsenault


Captain Jacks Wharf - 2004 - Provincetown - John Arsenault

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Seaward ho! Hang the treasure!
It’s the glory of the sea that has turned my head.

Indie RP Account for Treasure Island's Jim Hawkins
Primarily adapted for Once Upon A Time

 9-ish years RP experience; 3 on tumblr, 6 on various forums.
Multiverse and multiship, OC-friendly (seeing as we’re one as well).
Willing to write with just about anyone who’s interested.
Can and will write: gif/icon chats, rapid fires (100-300 words), multiparas/novellas (300-1000+ words).
Mun and muse both 21+; NSFW-friendly, but tend to lean towards SFW content.
What else am I supposed to put here?
Uhh. Mun makes a mean pan of brownies and asks ridiculous multipart headcanon questions?
I don’t know, come write with me.

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